Kokai Ltd. has been established in 1984 by Mr. Matyas Kokai, who’s ever since the top manager of the company and Mrs. Katalin Kokai.

The family business that started as a „garage-company” became one of today’s most important supplier of rubber parts in Hungary with unique in-house technological base. Currently Kokai is shipping parts to 15 countries all over the World. Mr. Kokai has been awarded the prestigious „Entrepreneur of the Year” prize in 2004.

The parts produced by Kokai Ltd. are used mainly in breaking systems of heavy duty vehicles and rail systems, home appliances, industrial machinery and public transportation vehicles. Kokai Ltd. is a strategic supplier to numerous Hungarian and Multinational companies with its high quality and favourably priced products. The company is currently employing more than 220 FTEs at its Ajka plant, but indirectly gives job to hundreds of people through its subsuppliers.

The dynamic development of Kokai Ltd. can be best described by the fact that in July 2011 a 2nd building, and in 2015 january a 3rd building has been opened, increasing the floor space to ~7000 m². The 3rd building holds the labs and the state of the art measurement equipments that support the newly established R&D capabilities of Kokai Ltd., that is focusing on rubber raw material and prototype-development activities.

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