The main profile of  Kokai Ltd. are the so called rubber-only, metal-rubber and plastic-rubber parts.


The high-tech production machinery is endorsed with high quality pre- and post-production capabilities. The parts are produced by traditional press (compression moulding) and injection-moulding technologies through 160-240 tons IM and 160-400 tons CM machines.
Kokai is sourcing raw materials mainly from its Hungarian partners, with the only exception of special raw materials and post-production capabilities that are not possible to source from within Hungary. All parts produced are finished and visually checked in-house in order to assure continuous high quality.
The basis for delivering continuous high quality is the set of measuring equipments the company owns and operates in-house. More information about our measuring capabilities available here. (link to Quality)

Since January 2015 Kokai Ltd. further developed its raw material and prototype-delevopment capabilities. With the extension of the measurement equipments necessary to support this kind of activity, Kokai is now even more efficient and capable to cooperate with its partners in development projects. The review the list of the measurement- and test-equipments Kokai possess please click here.
We can satisfy a wide range of customer expectations through our own rubber recipes. More information about our raw materials can be obtained through personal meetings.

Our product portfolio consists of more than 1000 parts, which can be grouped into the following categories (by usage):



Rubber only parts

Metal-rubber parts

Plastic-rubber parts

ring sealings („O”, „K” etc.)

valves, valve plates

valves, valve plates

form gaskets




sealing spacers







As a consequence of our current machinery the maximum tool plate size is 60x60cm, therefore at the moment we’re not dealing with parts larger than this.




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